8/11/13 - Linda S

I had a facial with Lisa at Professional Hair Techniques. By far the most relaxing facial ever. At one point the serum had to be on my face for Iike ten minutes, she could have let me just lie there but instead I received a hand/wrist massage. She even provided instruction about a more effective, less costly way to apply my face protection in the morning. Very pleasant and price was very reasonable for what I enjoyed. Scheduled for Chemical peel soon. Can't wait to get rid of the fine lines of my missing youth.


8/13/13 - Sue J

I have used Lisa's services quite a few times. Body wraps. Indian head massages (the absolute best!!) Brows waxed,hair cut and highlights. She does awesome work. Waxing you dont feel a thing. Its just too cool. I recommed her to everyone. You just have to go once and you will be hooked.


8/18/13 - Marilynn

Lisa did a great job with the waxing that I asked her to do. She is very careful and attentive to what she does. I highly recommend her to do any waxing service that she offers.


8/19/13 - Beth M.

I just recently found this place and love it. Lisa is so nice and professional. She really is fantastic at hair cuts/styles, along with waxing. I just had waxing done on my first visit, came back and had a wax and haircut. Loved her so much I made an appt. for my husband to get waxed. I will definately be a returning customer.


8/20/13 - Linda

What a relaxing experience during my most recent visit to Professional Hair Techniques. Great, relaxing facial peel. Every step was explained in detail and no questions were off limits. Lisa wants you to understand her process, it also the care afterward. I had my lashes colored too and now I don't have to put on mascara. How cool is that?


09/09/13 - Rachel M

I had the eyelash tinting done and was very happy with the results! It feels great to wake up in the morning and not have to put on mascara or rub your eye and not have to worry about smudges!!


10/04/13 - John H.

I went to Lisa for my first "Guyzilian" which is a Brazilian Wax Treatment for men. I was apprehensive about getting undressed and having it done in a sensitive area. She was very professional and talked me through each step and answered all my questions. She was gentle yet effective. The results were very good with little or no irritation. I would strongly reccommend the Professional Hair Techniques Salon to anyone seeking salon or spa services.Thank you Lisa for a good experience and a wonderful treatment.


10/18/13 - Tom H

I went to Lisa's salon to get my back waxed. To say that I have a particularly hairy back would probably be an understatement. Lisa was super nice and very professional. To tell you the truth I was a bit nervous to have my back waxed. Everything I had seen on movies or heard from others made me think "Wow, this is going to be painful, especially for a hairy guy like me!" Lisa made the whole procedure go by smoothly. She puts your mind at ease and tells you what she is doing and explains everything very well. My back looks and feels great and I will definitely be going back to Lisa for further treatments. Highly recommended!


10/18/13 - Linda S

Had my first real chemical peel two weeks ago. I had some flaking for a couple of days, but once that went away, I was pleased to find that my skin looked and felt so much softer. Big difference in a major way. I have four more to go and am looking forward to the difference in the fine lines I have developed over the years not being so prevalent and my face looking much more youthful. Big tip, don't use a straw to drink with, it will make those lines around your mouth. Thanks Lisa.


10/22/13 - Debra H

I got my first facial today. It was really nice, refreshing, hydrating, and relaxing. I did not know what to expect since I had not had one before. Lisa was excellent. She told me everything she was doing. She explained the technique. I went in with dry skin and left with a moist glow and a healthy complexion. I was highly satisfied and would recommend Professional Hair Techniques Salon to anyone wanting spa or salon treatment.Sincerely, Debra H.


10/24/13 - Mark V

First time customer today for an ear wax. Perfectly done at an extremely reasonable price. Without question, I'll be back again.


10/25/13 - Tom H

After seeing Lisa for my back wax, I was so impressed I decided I would go to her for other things. I got an appointment today to get a gentleman's facial as well as a hair cut. The facial was amazing. They're not just for women these days, guys. If you don't believe that, you're missing out. She applied several relaxing layers of hydrating lotions and vitamins. The hot steam towel was very relaxing. So much dead skin came off. Some of the bumps on my face cleared up before my eyes. It was amazing. Hydrating/rejuvenating, as well as relaxing and looked great afterwards. She went over several options for my hair cut. She gave me a great style for someone with thinning hair. She fixed some spots that had been a little bit disproportionate from previous hair cuts with others. I looked and felt great after my appointment.


 10/28/13 - Linda

Had my very first foot massage/reflexology visit with Lisa last Wednesday. OMGoodness, I know I have never been more relaxed. I wear dress shoes most every day and I also have migraines. Treat yourself. You won't regret this treat. Your tootsies will thank you.

11-06-13 - Debra

As always, my time with Lisa was fantastic. I decided to try the O2 Lift. It was wonderful. It was like the queen of all facials. It was so rejuvenating and refreshing. It was hydrating and of course oxygenating as you might expect by the name. My face tingled and bubbled with delight. Afterwords it looked great. It felt wonderful as well. I was very satisfied. You must try it! You'll be so glad you did!

11-22-13 - Muhammad

you are good and professnal


11-27-13 - Mike W

Painless, professional, and attentive to details. There is no reason for me to look any further. Lisa is your pro for male waxing service.


12-13-13 - Theresa V

Today was my first visit to Lisa and considering the time she spent and the wonderful eyebrow wax she did, it won't be the last. I've had my eyebrows plucked, waxed and threaded over the years, and this was the best!

12-13-13 - Mark V

My second visit to Lisa; to have an ear wax and haircut. She spent the time to do everything perfectly. If you are used to having your haircut 'rushed’ (we've all been there), you will be quite surprised to have Lisa cut your hair.....just a great job.

01-02-14 - GP

I'm out of state and I contacted Lisa for some general information regarding skin care and waxing. From the moment I talked to her, Lisa was so nice, understanding and helpful to provide all the information I was searching for. She even recommended some oil to use after waxing to prevent bumps, ingrown hairs and problems comment to waxing. She agreed to send it by mail even though I'm not one of her clients. This speaks volumes of the type of person that she is, and I would highly recommend her for anybody that's in need of services she provides. Thanks so much Lisa!


1/29/14 - Lisa B

Lisa was over the top !!! Had facial today she not only pampered me she spent time addressing my concerns and was so impressive in her educated opinion on what would work best for me ....she may have just found a new life long friend and client !!!