Questions and Answers About Waxing


  1.  QUESTION - Is waxing painful?
     ANSWER - Yes.  The first time is the most painful. This is because your hair has never been waxed before. Your skin more than likely has not been on a routine schedule of being moisturized and exfoliated.  Each time you stay on a regular 4 week schedule your hair comes in smoother and less and is less painful than the first time.
  2.   QUESTION - After my wax will my hair come back in prickly, like when I shave?
      ANSWER - No.  Your hair will come in smooth.
  3.   QUESTION - How soon after I get an intimate waxing, can I have sex?
      ANSWER - 24 hours.
  4.   QUESTION - Do you do any tweezing after you wax me?
      ANSWER - No
  5.   QUESTION - When are some times that I shouldn't get waxed?
      ANSWER - A day or 2 before your wedding and/or honeymoon, the day before you leave on vacation, 4 days before or after your menstrual cycle (you will be too sensitive), fatigue or run down (you will be too sensitive)
  6.   QUESTION - What should I do to prepare for my wax?
      ANSWER - Shower the night before or day of, exfoliate the area to be waxed, you may want to take a pain reliever 20 min before your appointment, hair should be at least 1/4 inch long (the size of a grain of rice) DO NOT MOISTURIZE the day of your appointment (it will interfere with the wax's ability to grip the hair).
  7.   QUESTION - Why do I have to moisturize my area to be waxed every day?
      ANSWER - Moisturize well. Healthy, well moisturized skin allows the wax to release more easily and the hair to be able to come out easier, creating less pain.
  8.   QUESTION - I am a guy getting an intimate wax. I am afraid I will have an erection.  what happens if I do?
      ANSWER - It is normal for a guy to get an erection when the wax is applied. It is actually better when waxing the penis, as the skin is tight and not loose. your erection usually goes away when the wax is taken off. All I ask is that you respect me. I am a professional. I will not hesitate to call 911 if you can not control yourself.
  9.   QUESTION - Is it true that if I get my back and/or chest waxed, that I will breakout?
      ANSWER - Yes, most men breakout on their back or chest after waxing. It usually last for 24-48 hrs, It is a histamine reaction.  Taking a benadryl before or after your appointment. Bring a clean shirt with you to put on after your wax. The pores in your skin are wide open and susceptible to bacteria. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions sent home with you. There is also an Aftercare section on my website.
  10.   QUESTION - Does waxing cause ingrown hairs, bumps or breakouts?
      ANSWER - Histamine reactions can happen to anyone, but mostly to people who are first time waxers or people who are not regular waxers. Histamine reactions appear as tiny red bumps or look like the skin of a plucked chicken. You can take a benadryl before or after your appointment to help with the histamine reaction. It is very important to follow the aftercare instructions.  Ingrown hairs happen because the hair can not poke through the skin, so it turns back inward. To prevent ingrowns, you need to moisturize the area waxed every day and exfoliate every other day. Moisturizing every day (except the day of your appointment) will keep the skin smooth, allowing the the wax to release more easier and the hair to be able to come out easier. Exfoliating takes away the dry layer of skin and helps prevent ingrowns.
  11.   QUESTION - How smooth can you expect your skin to be after a waxing service?
      ANSWER - You need to get all your hair on the same cycle before it all will be smooth. Hair grows on 3 different cycles. You will need to stay on a 4 week waxing schedule.  It will take 3-4 waxing appointments before all your hair is on the same cycle.  Therefore, your first wax may only get 90-98% of the hair.  Hair that is left was not ready to come out. it is on a different hair cycle. I do not tweeze. In a few days to a week you might see some hair coming through. This is hair that is on a different cycle.  Do not shave or tweeze any hair. Just let them be.  If you shave or tweeze, you will throw the hair cycles off and you will have to start the process all over again.
  12.   QUESTION - What happens if after you start my waxing, I can't continue with it?
      ANSWER - If you can not continue with the waxing session due to it being to painful, I will quit.  If after the first 2 applications of the way you decide you can't do it, I quit and you don't have to pay for the service.  Waxing isn't for everyone.