Winter Has Arrived

Time to Take Care of Your Dry Skin

PCA Silkcoat Balm - Specifically formulated with antioxidants, botanicals and hydrolyzed silk.  It is the ultimate night time cream for sensitive, dry and mature skin.  Great to use on dry hands, elbows, knees and feet.

Peptide Lip Therapy - A rich, emoillient antioxidant moisturizer contains a blend of humectants and shea butter to deliver intense hydration to patients with dry and mature skin.






Committed to helping men and women realize the power of looking and feeling their best, through advanced skin care, waxing and body treatments. Let me help you re-invent your skin.

Gone are the days when men and women didn't care about the way they looked.  Healthy skin regimen is essential for any man or woman at any age including teenagers.

Facials and body treatments are geared to rehydrate, exfoliate, remove impurities and renew the skin.  At first you may be doubtful to take on the experience, but after the service you will awake with a sense of calmness, refreshed feeling of mind and with your skin feeling fantastic.

So what are you waiting for?  Schedule your appointment now and see what you've been missing.


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